Невероятно детализированные и реалистичные рисунки Луи Гибьяра (4 фото)

Художник Луи Гибьяр (Louis Gibiard) создаёт невероятно детализированные рисунки с помощью шариковых ручек и цветных карандашей.

Сочетание синих чернил на белой бумаге напоминает традиционное фарфоровое искусство из Азии, однако его произведения искусства больше ориентированы на тематику дикой природы.

Например, на этот рисунок, сделанный шариковой ручкой, у него ушло 140 часов.

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🔴Sold🔴 done! let's begin another bigger piece! it was very fun to work on this but now I just feel tired of working with ballpoint pen. I want to challenge myself with graphite again 👌 . #ballpointpen #drawing #tattooartwork

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What's up everyone! Here are some close-ups of my ballpoint pen illustration! I think it looks cool black and white. For everyone who's wondering : Yes I'm actively working on the prints, they should be ready in a week or so. Yes I'll answer to all of your dms, I have hundreds of them, takes a while 🙂 And thank you very much for the support once again, exciting things are coming, stay tuned! #ballpointpen #drawing #tattooartwork #tattoodesign

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I'm so excited to begin working on the middle!! The last panel is done, I can't wait to see it finished with the scenery In the middle! oh, also, that's a turtle. . #artwork #inkartist #illustrationart

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